Would you move to a foreign country to be with someone you met on the internet?

Would you move to a foreign country to be with someone you met on the internet, but whom you've been speaking with for 10+ years?

Do you think this kind of thing actually works out?


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  • If it was a country where I could speak the language of the natives at least a little, so that I could find work (which preferably I'd have scoped out before ever moving), then yes. But I'd keep my matters arranged so that I could always return if things went completely wrong.

    Living abroad can be exciting but also very stressful, particularly if the relationship itself is strained. I'd recommend visiting the person at least a couple of times, maybe for an extended period like fortnight, so that you see how living together would work before you commit to transfering your life to another country.

  • if I have nothing else going on and really want a change, then yes, I would.

    i can't make an accurate prediction, really, but if all that's holding you back is you, then I would say go for it. it's not like if it doesn't work out you're screwed forever, right?

    it also depends on the country. I would strongly prefer an industrialized country with a language that's easy to learn. I simply would not move to afghanistan for someone. I'm sure it's lovely, but it's too dangerous and anti-american for me, from what I can tell.

    if you really trust this guy, do it! it could be the best thing you ever did.


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