Why does my ex boyfriend still call me hun?

My boyfriend broke up with me but when he texts me he refers to me as hun. for example he will say "goodnight hun" or "thank you hun". I'm not looking to get back with him. I just want to know why he's saying that.


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  • Is he from the south? People from the south always do that. I got a telemarketer call from a Texan woman who called me hun after almost every sentence.

    • No we are from the north. He hasn't called me that when we were dating, nor does he call other women hun.

    • He didn't call you that when you were dating? Then I know exactly what it is because I've done this to exes before: he's trolling you or teasing you. Guys like to do that to screw with their ex's mind and make them confused about getting back together.
      Just ignore him and his "childish" fun will be over.

  • He has feelings for you. duh


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