Dumpers, have you ever tried to get them back?

I'm curious about how often this happens. Have any of you out there been the dumper, realized you made a mistake, then tried to get the person back?
I dated this girl for 7 months (we've known each other for about a year). After some time our differences really started showing. She said she wanted to end things due to the fact that we're completely different and have fun in different ways. She also said things like "You've meant more to me than anyone else" - including her ex of 2 years. She's the one that initiated the marriage conversation a few months before ending things.
The thing I'm confused about is, after ending things with me, she said she wanted to meet up and talk about making it work. I met up with her, and she didn't say one word about making things work.
According to her and her friends, I'm the only guy who has ever treated her with respect. But I guess her being a party girl, and me not being into that lifestyle ruined things.


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  • No, if I don't want really want you I wouldn't break up with you in the first place.

  • No. Never.


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