Used as a rebound, did he like me at all?

I had to finish with a guy I really liked. he was 3 months out of a long term relationship lasting 4 years. He couldn't add me on fb as he didn't want to hurt his ex. He was in contact with his ex and went to her aunts funeral and supported her. He mentioned her quite a bit... I have no problem with him helping out someone who had been such a big part of his life. He told me how much he really liked me and my company. He said his head is messed up and he understands why I was taking a step back. A week later he was bringing a tinder date to my friends where he knew I was going to be.
i told him he has every right to enjoy being single but what he was doing wasn't nice.
he's currently ghosting me.
i just feel very used at the moment.
Used as a rebound, did he like me at all?
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