Creeped out a girl. How do I fix this?

Friday night I met a girl in a day of the dead costume.
I played some guitar for her, and she played some for me.
We talked for two hours until she had to go see a friend.
She asked for a hug and gave her number.

That night she sent me a bunch of texts about not knowing what she wants, and how she got over a bad breakup (probably her first serious relationship) and is a little unsure. She says she thinks I'm cool and wants to get to know me, as friends. I called her and comforted her, telling her we'd work on our issues and that I'd be open with her. She said she liked me. That night I had some alcohol and accidentally spilled my guts - not that I have these feelings for her, but dammit I have them!
She ultimately decided that we would both just move past those freakouts, and she said it can only get better from there.

Well, we had loosely planned on meeting up after her studio class on Monday since she couldn't make it to church with me (her idea). I sent her a pic of the congregation and said wish you were here. She said she does too, but that she is independent and doesn't like that I guilted her. I apologized and said I didn't mean to. She said she's pretty independent and needs to get this paper done, and that's when she talked about wanting to be friends (1 pm). I told her I totally get it. My mistake was elaborating at 11pm, and telling her that it will take work to have that. I told her that I know that she has reason to be uneasy because she barely knows me, but it shouldn't be complicated but I do feel like I'm under a microscope.

I got nothing back since 1pm Sunday. I then stupidly went to her studio building, where she wasn't. She then said, "I don't want to hurt your feelings but I don't want to see you, please quit texting me."

I wigged out a little because all of life has been stupid hard recently, and I eventually gave a gracious goodbye.

She is still on snapchat. I think I should wait till Sunday/Monday and text her. But what do I say?
Creeped out a girl. How do I fix this?
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