Girls, I asked this under girls Behavior but I think I should have asked it under breakups so I'm asking again?

Me and my girlfriend live together for 2 years she broke up with me a month ago and hasn't spoke to me since she left she also hasn't come back to get none of her stuff from our house I'm talking about baby pictures photo albums art portfolios I mean none of her stuff why would she just be leaving this stuff here this is stuff that you can't replace how should I be taking this
All she took was her house key an left with her mama


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  • I don't know!, at first I would think she's planning to come back because maybe she finish the relationship, but thinks that after some time alone, she'll be ready to talk about it and fix things up...
    Or... she might be just too pissed off, she doesn't even has the nerve to go back to get her stuff, or ask someone to go pick them up for her...
    Or.. maybe she is waiting for you to go talk to her and try to fix things up, so she can come back...
    I donĀ“t know!, maybe I'm overthinking this too much :S

    Why don't you try to go talk to her about this?

  • She's having space. She'll get it when she's ready

  • You probably should be taking this as her not wanting to have to confront you to get her stuff. Don't overthink it.

    • Yeah I thought about that but she can send somebody else to come get her stuff for you know then she wouldn't even have to see me

    • She's in no rush to get it i mean ths stuff may be stuff she wants, but it doesn't sound like things she really needs immediately. More than likely she may be afraid that stirring things up will cause some problems and she's just avoiding it for now. Here;s what she isn't thinking right now... im gonna leave that stuff there so i can have an opportunity to talk to him later. I dumped my guy, moved out, he immediately left town and left a ket for me to get my stuff. Had he not done that i would have left my stuff there for a long damn time just cause i didn't want to deal with it.

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