Me and my ex started hanging out again but he has me confused about where I stand. Does he want to rekindle our relationship or is he playing me?

3 months ago my ex got in contact with me through fb at first i found out he called me about 4 times on my old phone at different times and finally got in touch with me on fb. He would bring up if i still liked the things i did when we were dating such as telling him my fav. car etc. after that he wanted to see me and we saw each other. That day he seemed really sad in a way he did get teary at one point but brushed it off like it was nothing. after a couple of weeks we would just hangout and talk everyday. At one point we got drunk and we played kings cup with some of his friends. Turns out we got a couple of question about who broke one another's heart and the reason to the breakup. He said i broke his heart and my answer was that he was the reason to breaking mine. The next day i asked him why did he contact me until now and he said he saw me and was still attracted to me. After that i was sure we were going to rekindle what we had. He had wrote on my notebook a little summary of our past & now, such as how we had a great relationship and how he went through hell from the breakup and also writes about later in life (meaning now) & says how only the good things stayed the same and how later in life we meet again (meaning now). We went to horror night and he held me hand the whole day. His friends would always clown saying how they are blocking us or being the third wheel around us. But he's always telling them that i'm just a friend, which leaves me unsure about where i stand if i was just a friends with benefits or dating again or what. We got drunk and i asked him if i was just a friends with benefits. I left cause he repeated it which was pretty dumb cause it wasn't an answer. The next day he messages me asking if we are still friends? & since we haven't hung out. until recently he sent me a message telling me he's going to have a kickback and sent 2 snapchat videos which i haven't opened and neither the message which is still unread only cause i want to know your opinions.


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  • He's only feeling you out to see if you'd be interested in reconciling. Don't get excited. it's only so he can get laid when he can't find someone else and he'll only be with you till he finds someone else. You're fucking up big time just talking to him


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  • I wouldn't worry about his response to his friends. It's not strange or uncommon for people to not want friends to be nosey and up in their business. He may want to just keep whatever is going between you two. It seems by his responses that he is in that phase where he is unsure of whether he truly wants to pursue something or let by gone's be by gone's. It's like he doesn't want to commit 100% but doesn't want let go either so typical half foot in the door situation.

    You'll need to decide if you're OK with that or not. I personally say you only should allow a ex back into your life if they show 100% clear signs from day 1 to rekindle. Don't give a ex a chance unless they show clear commitment because otherwise, this type of situation tends to occur.


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