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So last week I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 months. We were just too different and didn't really like the same things. He was really sweet, always made time for me, and treated me better than anyone who I've dated before. Basically, it was like I went from dating boys, to dating a man. But we fought a lot. I like to go out and party, and it annoyed him that I chose that over making time for him - in hindsight, he was right... I didn't prioritize him. The breakup wasn't messy. He wanted to try to fix things and come up with a system that would work for both of us, but I didn't.
Today, he deleted me from his FB, Snapchat, Twitter, and IG. I don't know why, it's not like I'm posting anything relating to him.

Odd question, but does he seem like one of those guys that you would later regret leaving?
Also, if he deleted me off of social media, does that mean he wouldn't take me back if I asked him to?


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  • he wants to forget and move on because he certainly doesn't have hope in you anymore


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  • Who knows, but you broke up with him so he wants to cut ties. Let him do that, you made your choice so he is dealing with that how he can.
    Don't contact him to see if he'd like to try again unless you're willing to compromise, some people just aren't compatible and there is nothing wrong with that

    • Thank you. I don't know if I want to try again because of the way he treated me (which was amazing) or if I shouldn't because I can't give up my lifestyle. He never asked me to give it up, but I'm not really willing to tone it down. I do know that I hurt him, so maybe it's best to let him find someone who will treat him better.

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