I asked my ex for my stuff, but he won't respond?

My ex dumped me 10 days ago, i stopped texting him as of 6 days ago. but today i tried asking for my stuff. so far no response. Why is he holding onto my things? Is he still thinking of things that happened between , having 2nd thoughts? his silence is killing me.


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  • Trying to forget you I guess and maybe he threw it out, hopefully not, but some guys are spiteful depending on why he broke up with you. Text that you are showing up to get your stuff

    • I text him, he doesn't respond. Saying im coming over isn't going to do any good, my stuff won't magically appear outside. He won't answer the door either.

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    • Not super important stuff, kitchen stuff and photos. But i might try again in a week if i dont hear back.

    • Yeah I would too but at least it's not super important stuff

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  • he is not a girl, maybe you should go there take your stuff then never look back. texting won't solve the problem unless you want him back

    • How do you get your stuff if they won't let you in? Hello, i would've done that by now. He won't even answer the door.

    • if he has friends you better tell one of his to do the job, if you can't then you know what to do

  • Ask him


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