If you ask for closure are you stupid?

My ex boyfriend has broken my heart for the second time. First he didn't explain why he became extremely distant, I felt unwanted and ended it, he didn't disagree with me ending it, so I spent the next year and a half missing him, without closure, wondering what the hell happened.

We got back together for all of two weeks. I thought we were "catching up", but he started doing all the things we used to... holding hands, making out, going to movies, he was so sweet, so loving, and he initiated the "I love yous".

Then he messaged me that he didn't want to hurt me again and that we shouldn't continue.

To say that I'm confused is the understatement of the century. So my question to you is, what if I ask him to give me some kind of closure? How would I go about asking, and is this a stupid thing to do?
If you ask for closure are you stupid?
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