How do you get over your first love?

Please guys any help would be appreciated.

My ex and I dated for 2 years before we decided to end it because I was leaving for university next year. We were both each others first loves and I was the first girl he had a serious relationship with. He changed his mind about long distance and I was never sure but when he was backing away from the idea.. I finally thought it would be worth it.

Anyways so within a month my ex already seems to have moved on with his new college life and said no matter what happens in the future he would never be open to giving our relationship a shot even if we got the chance. That obviously hurt me because he was talking about our relationship so casually and as if we broke up for other reasons. He even said he has a crush on one of the girls in his college.

I am very broken because he suddenly is like another person.. when we were together he was crazy in love and the most nicest boyfriend I've ever had. I try to move on but sometimes I break down when I remember the person he was and how he is now.. it is difficult for me to accept this.. especially with how fast he has moved on.

What do I do? I sometimes tell myself he isn't worth it but then I remember how he used to be and I just dont understand how he can change so much so fast..


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  • You never really do. It just weakens a bit and becomes handable.

    • Then how did he do so easily and so fast after everything

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    • That's the thing! He was always way more invested than I was! All of my friends are so shocked it's so unlike him

    • Doing things for you = / = emotionally invested

  • Time will heal wounds or just find yourself a new boyfriend and you'll get over it

    • Getting a new person can't help me get over him it'll just take my mind off of him

    • Well it might help some, you'll never know unless you try

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  • I just cried nonstop for months until I got tired like ugh I'm tired of this and moved on lmao


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