Am I wasting my time on him?

So basically, I started liking this guy. & he asked me out 2 weeks later- as he told my friends he needed time to think it over. While dating, he was very sweet/loving. He always told me how much he loved me & how he wanted to be with me forever. But he broke up with me just over a week of dating, telling me he still really liked me & would like to go out with me but he just needed time because he had a lot going on & felt as if we were taking things to fast. We didn't really talk as much in person, although we go to school together. He said he got really nervous around me. & told my best friend the same thing- that he would still like to go out with me & told her to tell me that he still had feelings for me. But, he told my other friend, that he felt as if the relationship was forced & that it didn't feel right. & told his best friend that, he felt as if he was pressured into liking me. After hearing different things, I got really confused. I had my friend ask him how he felt & he would just avoid the questions or end the conversation. It's been about 2 weeks since our breakup & if someone asks why we broke up he just says he can't. He isn't in a relationship. Although, he has been liking some of his ex's pictures & hanging out w her. But it's been about 2 years since they have broken up & she has a boyfriend & I've heard they're "really close". Anyways, ever since the breakup we haven't really talked. Although, he does "accidentally" bump into me every now & then & apologizes a lot. &, I've also noticed that he stares at me a lot. Also, why is he such a jerk to other girls if he broke up with me? Whenever I'm around, he's usually a bitch to most girls & makes fun of them. He changed a lot. The other day my friend asked him to put something away for her & he said "no, fuck you, I don't like you". I mean I know it's kind of immature but, keep that in mind. Anyways, I really like him & I'd like things to work out - but I don't know if that's possible. What are your opinions?
Am I wasting my time on him?
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