Will ex come back or is he thinking of me?

My boyfriend and I, of three years, broke up one week ago. Our relationship had been rocky for the 5 months before the break up. He kept saying something felt "off". I caught him cheating on me while I was away. He told her we were broken up when we weren't. We were living together. I am trying to make sense of everything, not sure if he was emotionally invested in her or was just looking to fill the void of what our relationship was lacking. During the breakup he tried to salvage his relationship with her, telling her he still wanted to be friends and that he didn't want her to be angry or thinking him and I would be getting back together (when we had never been broken up at all before this). He was talking to other girls at this time too. Throughout this entire ordeal he would tell me how he loves me, can't imagine life without me and how I'm the best thing to ever happen to him. After the breakup he told me he had been checked out of the relationship for a while. I don't know why he would say all those things to me if that were true. He is completely moved out of our home and we haven't spoken in 4 days. He is already on tinder. He is the kind of person who needs female attention to feel good about himself. He told me he needs space and time to figure his shit out and reflect on his life choices. Is he just telling me what I want to hear? Can I expect to hear from him again? Or is he moved on?
Will ex come back or is he thinking of me?
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