What makes a guy go so cold after a break up?

My ex dumped me almost 2 weeks ago. kind of out of the blue. There was a fight earlier in the day, but we talked about it and fixed it. no big , but then he dumped me over text.
It took until today for him to finally talk to me. He never apologized for text dumping me , i asked him if he still loved me, he said not anymore, he said it over etc... no reason or anything. he made me feel it was all my fault. i also asked if it was someone new, he said it didn't matter but i said it did if he cheated. .. he says he didn't.
We had a great relationship before this, just that day and the day before i have pix of him and us looking so happy in love etc. I don't know wht he turned so cold on me. we were together 2 years


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  • What was the fight about, if you don't mind me asking?

    • About moving in... he wasn't ready. But we decided id move closer and revisit it in 6 months to a year.

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    • Thank you so much for your helpā¤

    • You're welcome, dearie! :) <3

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  • You're another one that thinks you can still be friends after a breakup. Lol smh. Some will never learn

    • I never said i wanted to be friends...

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    • I got what i needed from it thank you...

    • I understand the asker as well. Different people different thinking @reptocarl.

      Because the breakup is so abrupt, some of us have LOTS of questions flashing in our brain with no answers, and we are DYING to know why. I get how you (asker) feel because I felt that during my first breakup. However, I can't let it go easily at first because I JUST broke up.

      As time goes by, I realise that it doesn't matter whether these qns are answered or not, because I know I have to move on. I cannot continue to be stuck in the past and digging answers.

      @reptocarl some of us won't learn immediately after a break up. some of us have to slowly realise and learn. Though I agree with you, we might not get any qns answered after a breakup, but I hope you can tell her nicely about this, because she just broke up not long ago and it may meant a lot to her. Not easy to let go.

      I wish you all the best. Stay strong and move on asker!

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