How can a person go from saying how much they care, how special you are to them and more to just wanting to talk from "time to time"?

I am still trying to figure this out. We became friends long distance and he wanted to talk/text so much, and said I was very special to him, to telling me numerous times to text him anytime, and telling me how glad he is he found me to slowly not talking for days. After asking him if we should just go our separate ways, instead of just saying yes he says he's happy to text "from time to time" because he can't see much of a relationship with a woman he "can't ever see". He made no attempt to make plans see each other even though we live across country, he could have even just pondered it with me, he just mentioned going out to dinner once as a something we could maybe do, not as a question. I am not ready for a relationship anyway so we agreed to be friends which he agreed to as well, so why did he go from us talking so much as friends to being someone who seems to now care so little he is happy with us just talking "time to time". I thought he cared more about me, even as a friend. I told him if that is how he feels, I feel he doesn't want to be friends like I thought we would be and told him I to take care and I hope the best for him. He just said thanks and now I am moving on. I don't understand how someone could go from caring to just not.


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  • Seems fishy. On one hand, he probably realized that the distance would be brutal and it would be hard to make it work. If you continued to talk everyday he might get too attached to you, and given the distance it would be hard to accept the fact that it might not work out with you. I can say from experience that that has happened to me.

    On the other hand, he could've been playing you and feeding you those lines to get him to like him. I've seen it happen. And also he could've found someone else closer to him that he is now pursuing.


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  • Because the reality set in that there is no future


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