Guys: Do you think he'll cheat on me again?

OK..About 5yrs ago me and this guy were going out-lasted about 9mnths-he broke up with me and found out later it was because he got caught making out w a girl or two and felt kinda bad and didn't want to tell ME so he broke up w me instead lol I see him all the time and we'd always catch each others eyes or smile at each other etc etc but we'd never talk! but you could tell that he still had a little bit a feelings for me and me for him...about a month ago we saw each other for the first time in close to a yr! we talked for close to 2days straight lol a couple days later he asked me to go out w him again...i said yes! :) I was really excited! I missed him so much and felt the same way...we talked about what had happened and were kinda starting over you could say...

But now were long distance...he says that he loves me and cares about me more than anything else in the world and his friend says the same thing...that that's how Dev feels...but what are the chances that he'll cheat on me again? I know the whole 'once a cheater always a cheater thing' but that's from a girls point of view lol GUYS;;; seriously? do you think that'll happen? should I be worried about it?
Guys: Do you think he'll cheat on me again?
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