Guys: Do you think he'll cheat on me again?

OK..About 5yrs ago me and this guy were going out-lasted about 9mnths-he broke up with me and found out later it was because he got caught making out w a girl or two and felt kinda bad and didn't want to tell ME so he broke up w me instead lol I see him all the time and we'd always catch each others eyes or smile at each other etc etc but we'd never talk! but you could tell that he still had a little bit a feelings for me and me for him...about a month ago we saw each other for the first time in close to a yr! we talked for close to 2days straight lol a couple days later he asked me to go out w him again...i said yes! :) I was really excited! I missed him so much and felt the same way...we talked about what had happened and were kinda starting over you could say...

But now were long distance...he says that he loves me and cares about me more than anything else in the world and his friend says the same thing...that that's how Dev feels...but what are the chances that he'll cheat on me again? I know the whole 'once a cheater always a cheater thing' but that's from a girls point of view lol GUYS;;; seriously? do you think that'll happen? should I be worried about it?


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  • once a cheater always a cheater is not only a girls thing. its definitely a guys thing too. yes people do change and he could be different BUT what do you think would have happened if he hadnt got caught? he would have gotten away with it and could still be with you. living a lie. I'm not trying to go against your decision, I just really hate cheaters. if someone feels the need to cheat they should not be in a relationship. If you are having these feelings of him cheating again, you have to sit down and think about what you want. Now I know his friends say he loves and cares about you but the real question is do YOU feel that way? he's cheated and if you decide to give it another chance then you have to make him prove to you that he will never do it again and most important, not think about doing it again either. good luck and remember, the only way that you could know if he is cheating is if you ask him or catch him.


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  • your 17 now so you were 12 or 13 when he cheated on you

    maybe he was young and didn't know and now learned from his mistakes , there's only one way to find out if he will cheat on you again and that's to stay with him =P it matters what kind of guy he is

    • K thanks!!! To both of u!! This is what I was looking for! I do feel that way...that he loves and cares about just always seems to pop up in my mind 'wat if he does it again?' lol But I care about him enough to give him a second chance....but these answers were exactly what I was looking for!!! Thanks sooo much!!!

  • You're young try dating someone new, but if you must date him fine let's place our bets on whether or not he will cheat if you stay together.

    I'll put my money on yes he will. So, let me know how much you're willing to put on this bet.

  • The fact that your title said "again" should tell you your own answer.

  • theirs 6 billion people in the world. why waste time with this one.


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  • How do you think girls know the answer is yes? Because we've either witnessed or dated guys who it's been true for? If he has cheated on you before, that make him really likely to cheat on you again. After all you forgave him and took him back after he did it. You could have broke up with him for good but you got over it (in his eyes). Also since you guys are long distance it would be a lot easier for him to cheat because how would you know?


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