How do I win her back after this break-up?

So me and my girl friend broke up last month because this guy stole her away from me. I love her and she still has some feelings for me, just at the moment she is confused. I really miss her and I can't throw away the memories we had together. I've told her I would do anything to get her back and she said "If you would do anything to get me back, you would have me by now." That made me think. I need to stop wallowing in self-pity and I need to prove myself that she should be with me. I'm getting her surprise flowers today with a love poem. What other things can I do to help?
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Okay so the stress has become to much and she's been acting really...unfriendly lately...and she's changed...i need to move on because trying to get her back is not worth trying to change her back. The old her is gone and the new her isn't...right...
How do I win her back after this break-up?
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