My ex boyfriend is getting married but texting me!!

My ex is getting married in 3 months, we were together 3yrs and have been apart 2yrs5mths...we have always kept in touch I knew he had a new girlfriend within a month of us splitting, our texting has always been just as friends, but he never told me he had got engaged! the last few months his texting got more flirty and sexy lots of remember when we did this etc...not knowing he was engaged I responded. Today I found out he is getting married in July! been engaged at a loss to know why he hasn't told me and don't know what to say to him now.
im shocked because I have known him 25 years,him not telling me he got engaged is the issue.Him wanting a fling wouldn't surprise me would have expected it, that's the way he is, the reason we split...he is not a one woman guy.


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  • He probably wanted one last fling before he got married ... Do you think you're shocked because you're not over him or maybe you miss-conception of guys? Because let me tell you "WE'RE IDIOTS"


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