Well the girl that I asked out freindzoned me before a date what is the best way to get revenge on her?

I would not have minded it so much except she stomped on my flattering parting words. It felt like I gave her a nice parting gift and she just threw it down and stomped on it.
Most people say to show her that it does not bug you and get on with your life is the best revenge you can have. What do you think is the best revenge on a person that crushed your heart?
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  • Showing her that your back to normal and it did not hurt you.
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  • Since your still freinds act like nothing happened.
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  • Take a real form of revenge like...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • WWJD

    • ? I have no idea what that stands for can you explain it please?

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    • @jaderosethorn, I love your answer!

      "If anyone strikes you on the one cheek, turn the other."

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd just say, "Well sweetie you had your chance for a good man and you blew it. Your loss. Have a nice life". Walk away and never speak to her again. Women had to be ignore. Especially from men who previously expressed interest.

    • Can't I have to see her regularly mate

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    • This will pass. Don't sweat it mate.

    • I'm not really sweating it cause I know that my just being there will make her feel uneasy. But really this question was more for what others have done. It was not really meant for myself.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Best you can do is grow up, not get revenge and just act like it didn't even affect you.

    • grow up you make it sound like it is not normal to be hurt and want to get back at someone that really hurt you.

    • Of course its normal to be hurt. But taking revenge is not gonna do any good, what are you even thinking of doing in revenge? Humiliate her or something? Are you really truly going to be satisfied by stooping that low? A mature person will accept the outcome no matter how much it hurts and walk away from the situation and move on. Honestly, don't waste your time on people who don't matter anymore.

    • Being normal was my form of revenge. I was asking people on GAG what their favorite form of revenge is.
      Heck if I did want to humiliate her it would not be hard at all. If I wanted to make her cry all I had to do was say a few words. If I wanted her gone all I would have to do is pull a few strings in the shadows.

  • I feel the best revenge is to learn the friendzone isn't really real and to move on from it.
    If she was rude, then that's a bitch and be thankful. But considering you're only saying her story and a good lot of guys on this website would say "oh she was horrible, rejected me harshly, was cruel" when in reality she could've said 'oh thanks but sorry". It's not exactly easy to make a judgement.

    Move on.

    • K thanks that is the kind of answer I was looking for but you kind of lost me after "but considering". Im not sure what your trying to say there.

    • So what would you call he telling me that she just wants to be friends the non dating kind?

  • You don't get revenge on someone if it didn't work out. I've bee friendzoned by men and I legitimately go on like nothing happened. Because generally, that's what they want too. And I respect this person, even if they're not interested in me romantically or sexually. Move on, this person wasn't trying to hurt you if they're trying to be your friend. They're literally trying to be your friend, act like one.

    • I know I typed this up cause I was wondering about everyone elses thoughts on revenge. It was not suppose to be about me.
      Also the last girl that said we can just be friends soon after betrayed my trust, emotionally black mailed me with her one sided friendship with me and tried to make me think that it was all my fault.
      So being friendzoned for me is not a good thing.

  • Are you serious?

    • Given that were still freinds and I have to constantly see her yeah. I was wondering if just acting normal would bug her. Also it seemed like a good question to ask on GAG.

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    • What are you taking about?

  • Thats minours dude haha


What Guys Said 5

  • While I dont know what she did or said to you really, I think the best thing to do is just not give her any power. You are your own man and you can go your own way. You dont need her attention or validation. Just move on with your life and find happiness for yourself, which is probably the best revenge anyway. When people try to crush you or break you, if you still come out on to, well as we all know perhaps. Nobody wants to see someone they hate sucseed.

    • Good advice but the question was really more about what kind of revenge people find works best. It was more of a curiosity question instead of a personal one.

    • I still think that is the best revenge anyway. But get what you mean.

  • can you give better insight into what you said and she said? So the girl you've been dwelling on for months friendzoned you or someone else?

  • Stop being a punk bitch... I tried to warn you, homeboy

    • I was asking a question when I wanted revenge is that not what gag is for to ask questions about things we don't know?

    • What? I'm just telling you to not be a butthurt sore loser cause you didn't get what you want. Grow up

  • Act like a man and not a child. No point wasting energy on a negative.

  • What were the last romantic words?

    • Well she is always down on herself so I told her to remember that she is a smart, beautiful, young woman with a good heart. She told me thanks but she would really like it if I never complimented her again.

    • That's no outright denial! Am getting the feeling she' one of them anxiety issues chick. Dude yer so lucky!

    • Why do you say that?
      What is no outright denial?

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