Two years and he turns up with another girl?

i was seeing him for two years we were
on and off. Only two days ago he messaged me. So basically I put a status saying I was going to the club dstrkt on my whatsapp and the man I was seeing for two years that I cared
for turned up with another girl. I know he done it on purpose because my status. Why would you do this?


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  • a) he is trying to make you jealous or get a reaction out of you
    b) sometimes posting everything you do on social media doesn't work to your advantage so keep your life private.

  • Not see him anymore? It seems more casual then anything else if it was on and off - it doesn't seem committed and exclusive.

    • We both said we would be good and not sleep with anyone else then he just did this out of the blue. I know 100 percent on purpose

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    • He told me he wasn't and he didn't want me to. He is the one that tells
      Me he doesn't want me to sleep with anyone else. I asked him
      If he wanted to and he said no. I said he could
      . He is out of order. He has turned up with another girl, told me he cares for me. I told him I'd change for him

    • I'm not saying he isn't wrong Hun, it was a deliberate act intended to hurt you if he saw your social media post.
      What I'm saying is, it the relationship one of substance that has a future if it's on and off for two years? If you feel you were in a committed relationship do you consider this cheating when you haven't specifically said so in your post?

  • To get you jealous


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