Are there nice guys out there?

My ex and I dated for 2 years. He was very serious about the relationship and did talk about the future a lot. I am taking a gap year and then leaving for university and he was always so sure about LDR but then he changed his mind and we broke up mutually 6 weeks ago. He was very upset about it and broke down the day before we broke up saying he can't lose me. But we decided to stay friends.

A month after I asked him why he changed his mind and He said he had been thinking about it and spoke to his family too. He took the decision after thinking for two days. He answered my qs casually n told me he has moved on quite a bit n goes out a lot so it was easier for him and I am taking a gap year so thats why I am still stuck.

He even changed his mind to a patch up in the future saying its weird and is already crushing on another girl. I am so hurt because he is another person suddenly. He was so caring and loving and now suddenly this. I know I'm just 18 but I feel like I've lost everything and I am scared to let go because I feel like I'll never find a guy who is so nice to me and one I can be completely retarded like myself with. I feel so hopeless and worthless.
Are there nice guys out there?
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