Girls, why is my ex contacting me in these weird patterns? I'm confused?

1. My ex traveled to overseas for two months and I had heard she was seeing someone else. Anyways, during her vacation she started contacting me on Snapchat. It was like "Hey, what's up?", so I responded. Back and forth for a while and then I was at a party with our mutual friend and my ex must've seen this on Snapchat. While out, suddenly my phone called and I picked up. It was my ex who wanted me to hand my phone to our mutual friend. I did that and the next thing I know she was telling our mutual friend all about that guy she was seeing. The funny part was she didn't once try to call our mutual friend on the phone, she called ME so she could talk to our friend about that guy. I found that odd, especially since she was texting me during the day.

2. A couple of weeks later, while she still was overseas, she texted me AGAIN. In the evening, I was about to go running when I saw she had called me on my phone, followed by a text where she wrote "Sorry, didn't mean to call you. Sorry." Problem was, it was on Facetime so it couldn't have been a mistake. I didn't think clearly at the time, so I just replied "no problem, **** happens ". Again, it was odd because she texted me during the day.

3. She knows my brother a little, but I found it pretty weird when she called him to ask him if he could help her find a present for the guy she's seeing for his birthday because they aren't that close. I asked our mutual friend, who is very close with her, and she said my ex didn't even contact her about the present.

4. Two weeks ago, she started texting me AGAIN and even snapchatted me from our mutual friend's phone. It was something along the lines of "Are you partying?" "What are you drinking" and stuff like that. A couple of hours later, she added a photo of her and this guy to Instagram, which I found odd because the last pic she added was from two-three months ago. I found it to be a weird coincidence that she posted that a couple of hours after she contacted me AGAIN.

Girls, why is my ex contacting me in these weird patterns? I'm confused?
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