What is he waiting for?

So I known this guy for about 10 weeks now.

I know he likes me and I like him too.

We've kissed, hugs, nothing sexual..

He has a girlfriend and she's in the U.S Navy and he hasn't heard from her in

Almost a year.

And I'm thinking...Well...You don't think she's moved on? Found a guy?

I mean there's guy who write to their gf's and there stationed in Iraq or whatever

And his waiting for her..He told me she comes home next year.

His told me that he misses the company of a girl. Were like best friends.

Not with benefits cause we don't fool around.

And I'm just wondering..whats the possibility that's this girl is still with him?

i just don't get it.

His told me if we met before his girlfriend that we would have been together.

his told me I'm perfect and its true..

but sometimes I'm like wtf.

I feel bad that I kiss him sometimes because I think if she's still out there thinking of him and what not.

but then I again I don't care because I think..well what if she moved on?

Can you give me you opinion in this?



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What Guys Said 1

  • Your his little mistress...your keeping him occupied while his girl is away in the NAVY.

    His girl hasn't moved on, he probably wants to cause its hard for him to deal with the entire situation.


What Girls Said 1

  • stop rationalizing the fact that you're helping this guy cheat on his girl. let him worry about all that. he's obviously really into her if he's waiting on her and still thinking of her like this. why can't you find a guy that doesn't have a girlfriend that is off serving our country? gosh your a bitch


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