Can't focus after break-up?

Long story short, I was supposed to take an incredibly important exam 8 months ago. I ended up postponing it because one month prior, my girlfriend-at-the-time and I (4 year relationship) broke up, and I couldn't focus.
3 months later I started dating another girl. Like magic, I was able to focus 100% on my studies and was finally happy again. Well, last week she ended things. I'm scheduled to take the test in a few weeks, can't focus, and my practice scores have gone down. Can't postpone again either.
Any advice would be appreciated!


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  • it really depends on how important this exam is
    if it's a make or break type of exam, i would consider postponing again

    i actually did that for my licensure test - twice
    once because of a bad break-up
    the other time because my grandma was seriously hospitalized
    both happened during the middle of my study period and i could not concentrate at all
    i ended up delaying by 1.5 years

    it sucked because i lost time since the exam was only twice a year and the registration fees are very expensive. but you have to give yourself the best chance possible

    • if you really can't postpone again, take a day or two off for re-grouping. then getting a friend or study buddy who will help keep you in check.

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    • that's normal. but in your situation the depressed period can't last long. luckily you haven't been with this girl for too long, so you should get over it quickly. spending time with friends should definitely help. and like i said before, have someone make sure you're on point.

    • Will do, thanks for the advice!

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  • Find yourself a friends with benefits


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  • I know how you feel, ever since my breakup i find it hard to concentrate. I say study little by little. ANd make flashcards. Try to focus on getting a good score.

    by the way i am curious, the second girl you started dating after 4 year relationship. How long did you guys date? Did you love her as much as girl from 4 years relationship?

    • Thanks for the advice! I dated the second girl for about 5 months or so.
      Did I love her more? That's a tough question. At the time I thought I did. But last night I realized that I just loved the idea of having someone to text daily - I loved her company. So no, I don't think I loved her as much as the first girl.

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    • I'm not really too sure, it depends on whether or not she would have changed. Sex isn't always an indicator of love. It could just be that she wanted it much sooner, so he obliged. I wouldn't read too much into it. Just focus on yourself and find a guy who's crazy about you!

    • I don't know I mean 18-19 year olds are horny and they equal sex with love. I mean it feels as if he's trying to rub it in my face on fb. It really is hard for us girls.

      But yeah, i really do. And so should you. But perhaps it is better to work on being happy on your own rather than to depend on women for happiness

  • Daily meditation will help you clear your chi and increase your focus.


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