Did I make the right choice?

I broke up with my boyfriend today because we became distant and I feel as though the relationship was not working. We were good in the beginning then we barely spoke didn't really text each other and only saw each other once a week it was affecting me because I felt like I wasn't getting what I needed from the relationship, so I decided to make the choice to end it. When we did see each other we acted more as friends instead of a couple. We wouldn't hold hands or really give each other affection. I tend to second-guess myself a lot did I make the right choice?


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  • I think you did make the right choice and it is a hard one to make. Keep your head up and look forward to meeting new people, different people, and you will learn more about what you are looking for in a relationship. Sometimes a relationship does not work but its something you may have to deal with several more times. You are worth so much, you have so much to offer. I hope you can find someone who make you feel like that sometime soon. Goodluck :)


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  • Your missing the attention that he showed you but you must remember why you broke it off with him to begin with. Its best not to ses him because its obvious you have not gotten over the guy


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  • I would say yes you made the right choice without doubt


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  • Sounds like you followed your gut. Be careful not to second guess yourself and fall back into the same rut.


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