Should I respond to my ex's texts? or should I just keep ignoring?

so my ex dumped me a yr ago, later we started dating again, and she treated me like crap again, after soooooo much shit i finally became a man and simply STOPPED it, i just didn't reply to her. She was the one saying "i realized i dont wanna be with you anymore" and since i can't be friends with someone i love in that way i stopped it, but that was after she humiliated me soo much, you have no idea. So after that she dm'd me on twitter saying "have a good life i love you" , weeks later she dm'd me again giving me updates about her life and asking me to keep in touch because she will "ALWAYS CARE ABOUT ME" , she saw me on a friend snapchat just having fun and dancing and she screenshotted things and hit my female friend up talking (i dont know about what) ... and now hit me up on fb saying "good luck" with one of those fb emoticons , i read it but didn't reply because wtf.. later she said "why are you ignoring me?" i simply find it stressing to even reply to her because i know she will try to manipulate me again with the same i love you crap to make me fall again and try to use me and humiliate me and then cut me loose again for some dumb shit and not working on the relationship not as much as i did, AND CLAIM SHE IS NOT IN LOVE WITH ME AND CALLING ME NOT ENOUGH MAN for her, and cheap and a bunch of shit.. so tell me, what an ex feels when you just ignore them? what does she want? I was planning on ignoring her again.


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  • Hey, if I am honest with you she sounds like trouble. If she had problems with the way you behaved in the realtionship she should have had a civil conversation with you and got it sorted, not emotionally abused you.
    She most likely does love you and cannot stop thinking about you hence the messages, but it is desperation and that is never good.
    I suggest blocking her out of your life, it may make things harder now but it will nip this issue in the bud.

    Good luck and I hope this helps

    • I dont hate her, i feel kinda bad for her at some point but she treated me in such a way that i dont feel like replying to her or talking to her because that would lead to us having a conversation and I don't know, i dont want to dedicate her one more minute of me. I really love her but i dont feel like talking to her again,.. at some point it hurts me to ignore her but thats nothing compared to the things she made me feel :/

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    • I actually put a question on here a few hours ago, I would really appreciate it if you could maybe give me some advice?

    • Sure. No problem

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  • The thing is, it's pretty clear that she has you twisted around her finger to at least some extent. Ignoring her and getting away from her is the right thing because she seems to be somewhat sadistically enjoying the fact that she's able to rile you up and toy with you.


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  • Firstly why would you ignore her when you can block her? If you want nothing to do with her either tell her to leave you alone or block her. My ex kinda did this to me when I asked if she wanted a friendship considering she said, she still wanted us to be friends but she doesn't ignore me, she's just mean and won't answer my friendship question so I asked her to block me and she didn't. So my point is just be honest because, "Honesty is the best policy"

  • Dude, block her out of your life on all social media, your mobile phone, cut any contact with that toxic person. You do NOT need her in your life. She was straight up abusing you.


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