My ex just broke up with me, but part of her wants me back. How can I get her back?

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me last Thursday because she didn't feel ready for a relationship (although we were six months in). She said she needs to fix her issues with commitment, patience, affection, and affection.
Yesterday she started telling me how upset and depressed she is because of the breakup. Today she said she has "mixed emotions towards" me because she "still has the littlest hope of us getting back together" and she doesn't trust yet she still has that hope that we will.
So she hopes we get back together, how can I make this happen effectively?
We have spoken every day since the breakup, and we are still good friends. We've been best friends for 4 years, partners for 6 months.


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  • I actually suggest that you let yourselves have some space. I am in the same situation with my boyfriend (You can read my question if you like). By letting her have away from you to get her thoughts together clearly without the distraction of you around I think is important.
    On top of this she will get to experience what life without you is like and this may shock her into realisation of how much she loves you or doesn't love you.
    It sounds harsh, but you don't need to call it a break up, you just need to make sure you cover your grounds such as how much or no contact there is and what things are appropriate to say (although i advise no contact) and how long for and who is to message the other first (best if you make it the person with a stronger will if there is one.)

    I am feel your struggle and I mean I have this is practice now so i can't tell you the outsome but it feels like the right thing to do.

    I hope this helps :)

    • Wow there was so many typos in that i don't even know where to start :/ apologies

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    • Yeah, I understand completely what you're saying. I'm just going to give it a few days and see what happens. Thanks for your advice, it is very helpful.

    • No worries buddy, I wish you the best of luck, I really do. I know how much this can hurt

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  • I think with youth comes uncertainty
    At such a young age, it's hard to commit to someone fully

    But it would be silly to be split apart, when obviously you both love eachother. You need to continue a relationship with her, but take it day by day, don't look to much into the future.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for your response. What do you recommend I do now to get her back? She says she wants to, so I don't see the difficulty but I feel if she really wanted it, we would be back together already. Thanks

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    • This is good, any advice is amazing at the moment. Thank you. I did give her time yesterday, and I'll mention in more when it seems like she needs it. Thanks, I appreciate the advice.

    • Good luck my friend, I hope you get her back

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  • meet her

    • I have seen her twice since we broke up. On Friday and Saturday. Things were well as friends, though we did kiss multiple times on each day. On Saturday night, she started saying the breakup feels real and that's presumingly why she's hurting so much right now.
      I believe I'm still going with her to her medical scan on Wednesday, and Fireworks night on Sunday (her family will be there as well).

    • What do you recommend I do specifically when I see her on Wednesday? Thanks for your response :)

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