Ex Girlfriend texted me this out of no where and not sure what it means?

31M 28F. Dated 3 years. We split 2.5 months ago. No Contact with her for a month. Of course right before the no contact we talked for a week, saw each other a couple times. She immediately started seeing another guy after our break up and I asked her before the no contact to work it out and she said she couldn't at the time. Well last weekend we were in a wedding together (mutual friends) and little to no conversation was made. I left wedding after the formalities were over at the reception. She is still seeing the other guy at this point. Last week I get a text. Sorry for bothering you. I'm just having a bad day and saw your card and wanted to say you looked you really good Saturday and had fun at the rehearsal dinner and on the party bus. I wasn't sure to respond or not. It was the first text I got from her in a month and she initiated it. I still love her very much. I responded- I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day, but thank you for the compliment, glad you had a good time. No other conversation or texts were made. I did not want my response to sound needy, clingy. Just polite and to the point. Why did she send this? Was it out of guilt? Is she trying to string me along still in case it doesn;t work out? Just not sure what to think. Its almost been a week and I can't stop thinking about it? Not sure why she just didn't let me keep moving forward.
Ex Girlfriend texted me this out of no where and not sure what it means?
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