Do my ex have feelings for me? Does he want me back?

My ex have been contacting for two whole months and we did talked abit. He did mentioned before that "we could have last longer" when he first texted me. Some of his texts were sexual jokes which I find it was normal as when we were in a relationship he was like that. Then I asked him if he wanted to get back together and he said no and I ask him why and he never reply so I decided not to talk to him. He sends me snapchat every 2/3 days but most of the time I didn't reply. Sometimes he would just send a random direct message to me on snapchat for example:

Ex: You dead?
Me: No lol why would I be dead?
Ex: Just checking. You never know what happens to people nowadays
Me: nice of you lol. What do you mean what happen to people
Ex: you never know if some people are dead or not
Then he post a snapchat with gym saying "when you realise you actually have to commit" with a gym picture then he deleted once I looked at it.

Also on Saturday I tweeted "So sick of the good boys. Need a wild boy, something unreliable, unpredictable and go ahead be a caveman" and he liked it. My tweet description kind of describe his personality but it just he never like anything on my twitter apart from this. I just wonder if he still has feelings for me and want to get back together. My ex did say while we were dating that he never contact his ex before. When I ask him indirectly if he likes me he tend to avoid my question and kind of play it cool. He is the type of guy that never begs so i don't know if he still have feelings or just messing with me because he is bored.
Do my ex have feelings for me? Does he want me back?
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