My ex and my enemy are crazy stalker after me and my new boyfriend?

i dated this jerk last year. i dont know why he liked me and i said yes. we dated for like 2 weeks and i broke it off cuz he wanted to kiss and stuff i'm not that type. it hasn't been 24 hours befor he moved on and started dating my number one enemy rachel. that bitch been stealing my boyfriend since 8 grade i dont know why there both crazy stalker. after that while he was dating her he said he wanted me back. me being all about girlpower instead of saying yes and revenge on rachel for stealing all of my boyfriends i said no and told her about it she grabed me and we went straignt to him and confroted him then he cussed me then they got back together for like a week. i blocked both of them evrywere. so this year i am a sophmore she was suppose to be a sophmore too but she failed and she is still a freshmen and he droped out of school yet he showes up everyday to flirt with miner girls. he begged my friends to tell me to unblock him to text after days of begging i finaly accepted then he kept beggin on taking him back i was like no no bro you cussed me that was the end of the line. then i got a new boyfriend who is sush a gentlmen i love him like crazy but rachel as always has her eyes on him but he ignores her. and that jerk after he found out i moved on he treathen over a text saying that his gonna hurt me and that if i tell my boyfriend he gonna break his bone i texted him back saying he was my biggest mitake and then i bloked him. so i was going home my bestie. him and rachel and his bestfriend surounded me he friend said yo isn't this your girlfriend rachel said oh your dating her then he said no im not dating her then i said who is i dont know him he is a stranger to me then left and at. recess i was standing again with my bestie and some guy she knows he saw us then grabed the guy saying he needs to talk to him then she grabed that guy and said leave him alone im talking to him the poor guy was in the middle i ignored him and left
rachel she is tanned with black hair and curvy but im white with green eyes and brunet heir and skinny not too skinny i mean she got bigger boobs i got bigger but were are the opposite of each other
my boyfriend is a senior but that jerk is bigger then him i think if they got into fight my boyfriend will lose and no i dint tell him about it


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What Guys Said 2

  • Someone has a flair for the dramatics

    • i know im so over it i just want a healthy relationship with my boyfriend and talk to guy like a normal personne without being scared of my crazy ex

  • You're not type to kiss? Say no more.

    • lol it not that dont like kissing it just it was my first kiss and i dint want to give it to some douchbag like my ex

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  • they are just imature girl... handle it like a women! lol... she is insecure and feels the need to get all of your left overs cause she sees you as a threat... maybe talk to the guys that dont like you get it settled then, move on with your life, that bitch is a low life that doesn't deserve a fuck of your time

    • well the guy that liked you before than cussed you out

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    • he dated me then broke up then cussed me then wanted me back then got super jealous that i moved on and then threaten me

    • you should go tell a teacher at school about this... he can't control you

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