What are some of the reasons you dumped your bf/ girlfriend and was the relationship bad or good?

I just wanna see some of the many reasons for me it was she cheated on me.


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  • He tried to strangle me so I punched him in the face, fractured his nose, and dumped him.

    The relationship was good until about an hour before that incident when he did a complete 180 in behavior and got extremely protective and extremely aggressive. We were also 15 so I mean... we had no business dating in the first place because 15 year olds are just overgrown babies anyway. :p

    • True 15 is over grown bebes

    • And sorry u went through that

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  • I've only had 3 serious r/s

    1. Trish and I broke up due to the where we were in our lives, her work load and law career was upstarting and she had a child from a previous r/s she was 23 and I just turned 21. She wasn't really looking when I came around and she was always busy when I wanted to chill n relax, when she wanted to chill n relax I was out partying or studying. We ended it amiably, sad but learned a lot.

    2. Stacy and I broke up simply because I got reassigned to Los Angeles when we were living together in San Francisco. She was very much established I was too busy moving around with the military. I would have loved to stay and build more of what we had but at that time in my life I needed to go where the money was. It ended a bit bitter because this is the girl that showed me how to properly break up and move on instead of ghosting away; I was ghosting away a lot prior to her from all the girls I was dating before her.

    3. Jenna and I broke up simply because my life in California was falling apart when I chose to move to Texas with her. She passed away from terminal cancer 2wks after I had left. This was the r/s that nearly broke me in more ways I could count. Needlessly to say, it was a very tragic ending.

    • Am sorry to hear about number 3. But 1&2 i could understand it seems like u made the right choice for you.

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  • I think I've only been dumped once.. Middle School from what I can recall.

    Everyone since, I've broken up with.

    Majority just flamed out and I grew bored. Not to sound mean but it's true.

    The most recent I thought I'd made a mistake. Perfectly honest, he seemed perfect and it hurt longer than it should have.

    Buuuut, then he turned hideously ugly with me. Saved myself by ending that one.

    • Wow so becuase u got bored? So in a way you did the right thing for u. And how did u make a mistake? if u did something bad he turned ugly for a reason.

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    • Why would i try pushing your buttions? I like to think we both gotta better things to with our lifes.

    • And we means us both i made the mistake of just assuming things then got attack for it. So was just saying no hard feeling. But nvm enjoy your day

  • had a very bad one.. i dumped him
    he cheated on me/lied to me/hit me

  • I dumped my boyfriend before my Ex because while it was fun and I loved him it wouldn't have went any where good for either of us in the long haul... it was pretty unhealthy. Took along time to work through it but we are now friends now 13 years later.

    • Wow 13 years ling as time

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  • For some reason she all of a sudden lost interest. I asked why but she couldn't answer. She proposed we remain friends but I noped out of that.

  • me too buddy.

  • Lack of sex.

  • Repeated dishonesty. If I can't trust her, then I can't be with her.
    Not affectionate enough either.

    • Smart man

    • Yep. She never even cheated, but trust is the single most important thing to me in any relationship, even friendship.

    • Truest really is jt j can't truest u then it won't work out

  • Divorce should be banned just like pre-marital sex. This is just how it's always been... a woman's purpose is cooking, cleaning and serving men like me

    The relationship will always be good if it is a master-slave one. If the slave gets out of line it gets BEAT!!

    • That's horrible. I would hate to be in that position myself!

    • Stop being bitch made

    • It's just how it has ALWAYS BEEN. The feminist laws on wife beating and marital rape should be repealed immediately.

      Stop being feminist made.

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