How to heal from a break up when you dont have closure or dont even know what happened to end it?

My boyfriend of 2 years dumped me via text 2 weeks ago and very little reason as to why. In the very few texts I've received from him since then have been cold and heartless. One in particular , i asked if we could talk, he said about what? Me: about what happened, and the fact that you dumped me over text. Him: and?
This is someone that constantly not only told me he loved , but he showed it in so many ways. This was a guy who was my partner in crime , loving, caring, gentle , etc... i am so blindsided by this. He says there's no one else , but no other answers.
Long before i met him 10+ years ago, he was a drug addict. ... i worry that might be whats up. I don't know...
But anyway howdo you move on when there's no closure or answers? Its the worst pain, like death.


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  • he should give a reason at least he seems to appear to not have any respect for you and what you had with him - he might have gone back to his olds ways and back on drugs but can not love someone one minute then dump them the next

    • Exactly, that same day i left his house around 530pm and he told me how much he loved me and kissed me good bye and said he couldn't wait to see me in a few days. 5 hrs later dump text. I dont get it. He has a bit of commitment issues like not wanting to move in yet and he said he wanted me time a few weeks before and when i tried to give it to him (space tgat is) he wanted me to be there. Again i dont understand. Now he wants me gone completely. Total 180

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    • Exactly if he has a reason for the breakup then he needs to tell you at least let you understand why has has done this it makes no sense at all it's like he just suddenly decided to end it

    • Thank you for selecting my Question as best answer - I send love and hope your doing well you can get over this mess that he caused he did not deserve you and I wish you the best of luck

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  • Something definitely seems up with this. Seems like a HUGE 180 turn. I do not see how a guy can go from being so in love with someone, to not wanting them a moment later. I am very very sorry that this happened to you. Do you have people you can talk to? I would definitely seek the comfort of friends or family.


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  • Im in a very similar situation. Whats been helping me is exercising heaps, studying, working lots abd hanging out with my friends. I've blocked him on all social media so I can't keep checking up on him and what he's doing and can't be tempted to contact him. Whenever im thinking/feeling something about him I have a notebook I write it down in. I have a long way to go but im doing much better than I was just after we broke up

  • Well, I can relate to the feeling of death. I have cut myself before, so I know how awful it is. The worst thing to do is to sit in a dark room alone. And crying is ok, but sometimes you just keep crying, until someone is willing to talk to you. Is there anyone that you know, any close friends or your parents, that you could lean on during this time? I trust my instincts, so if your gut thinks it could be drugs coming back to haunt him, then you are probably on the right track, in which case you should be happy. Because it wasn't anything to do with you. In fact, he could be acting the way he is to try and protect you, because he is ashamed and knows that his addiction will not bid well for your relationship. So, don't force yourself back onto him. Let him figure himself out. You could send him a text saying that if he has started drugs again, that you are there for him and that if he ever wants to try things out again or wants support, that you are there.

    • I've had some dark days, i even went to hospital for a few days. I have some people to talk to and ill be doing therapy next week. On anti anxiety meds now too.
      Im done trying to reach out to someone who could careless about me. If he's on drugs i can't do anything about that... he pushed me away, i care, but i can't help someone that won't talk.

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