I need good comebacks for this guy who always puts me down doesn't wanna sleep with me and wants to fuck or is already fucking this old lady over me?

I really like this guy.. he is in his 30ies but he doesn't want me back he kind of makes fun of me and uses me in every way possible he even doesn't want to fuck me anymore.
He begs and wants to fuck some grandma and no i am not exaggerating... literally...50+ and wrinkly.
I deleted and blocked her from his fb and what did he do? he added her again for fucks sake...
He deleted me as a contact on his phone yesterday i could tell because his pic and status disappeared but he could still get messages from me so i know that he didn't block me. when i asked him about that he denied it and today he added me back as a contact. ok i admit it i was the first one to delete him once i saw that he had re-added and unblocked grandma
I need a real good whatsapp status now about him fucking grandma and not me like a great one thats a little bit on the bitchy side or something good that i can say to him when i see him again like a good comeback because he always has the perfect comeback and he thinks of himself as being some kind of specter harvey guy...
how can i handle this?
its been really almost 2 years and im starting to get sick of him treating me like shit and going after some fucked up PR grandma...
please guys i wanna make him feel useless like he makes me feel... the reason why he's not fucking me he said... "u are not my type u have to lose weight" like please u'd rather fuck saggy old grandma and not me? just because i have somewhat of a pear shaped body? seriously? i am 22 by the way. he's got a small dick by the way and he is skinny as fuck. he even went so far as to tell me to use 1gramm cocaine every day so that i can be thin in no time... wtf
i need good whatsapp status or better yet comebacks to crush him next time he tries to put me down and grandma up...
last time i told him
oh please my little finger is more of a man than you could ever be
i could see that it bothered him he just replied with thats not true and kind of a fuck it she's good face.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just start ignoring him and move on. You don't need that type of negativity in your life. Maybe start reading about different religions instead. Just ignore him at all costs.


Most Helpful Girl

  • What did I just read?
    I can see why he treats you like shit.

    You say you really like this guy, but you also say you want to mess with him and crush him and put him down. You say you like him, yet you also want to make him look bad in front of other people. You get mad that he's fucking an older woman, yet you also complain how small his dick is. If his dick is so small, then you should be glad he's sticking it in other women and not you.

    • u dont get it... i have done everything for him he never appreciated anything.
      gave him money, cleaned his house, bought him stuff, bought him food he never did anything for me he always said "too kind of u" with his ironic voice and then kept putting me down calling me fat and what not but he didn't mind taking my virginity... he didn't wanna fuck me, calls me a psycho to his friends and makes me look bad. i've had enough. i wanna make him look bad for once.

    • doesn't wanna fuck me anymore* he did it twice.

    • and i feel really shitty that he chooses grandma over me like he texts her and asks her to see her again etc
      he doesn't text me or when he does its only to mock me by saying stuff like ahhh i fucked ur mom yesterday etc etc

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What Guys Said 1

  • If your not happy with him or the way he treats you then just move on find somebody else


What Girls Said 5

  • Whoa, this situation is crazy. First over all, forget him. Like frfr. You need to find somebody that likes you for you. Don't worry about getting back at him. When he sees someone else smiling in your face, he's either gonna feel like an asshole or he won't care. Regardless let him catch dust on his dick and you go live your life.

  • Just forget about this guy and his grandma. Move on, there is no need to be petty!

  • You sound very bitter and jealous. It also sounds like you are stalking him. Leave him alone and move on.

  • You're just proving to him he was right to not take you seriously or keep you around

  • You're petty af
    Grow up


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