How to tell ex is not fully ready to let you go yet?

How to tell that your ex bf/gf is not ready to fully let you go yet? Me and my ex broke up in April. Nothing was wrong with our relationship everything was great. He told me how amazing i was and we really had a connection, m but he went through some stressful time when he couldnt find a job so it really got to him and i think that played a role. He told me he was not feeling what he thought he should at our point but i still felt like we should have not broken up. Anyway we have been sleeping together ever since. He knows how i feel and at a point in August he said we should stop. That it was not fair to us but that wound up not happening and it kept goig back and forth a few times until now he doesn't say it. Sometimes he say comments to make it seems like he is jealous etc. and trying to find stuff out. Some nights if i dont answer a text he will call me but i feel that maybe alcohol played a role in that but still. In a way i feel like we are not completely over. How do i know if he's not ready to let me know in one way or another yet? Will i have a second chance one day? Should I tell him my feelings still although he knows?


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  • I think it depends in the end what you want. Say if you keep sleeping with him for another year with no commitment on his end still? Then what? I know you still care and have feelings for him but don't let him use you or play with your feelings. Break ups and still seeing an ex after can get complicated. I think just in case he doesn't change his mind that you should keep your options open and date other guy's. Don't wait for your ex to decide what he wants and makes a decision. Unless you want to try and wait it out and see what happens. That can be another choice. But it's up to you what you want to do?

    • Thanks I want us back again but im not sure if that would ever happen. It is just confusing when he says we should stop but then we dont. I am keeping my options open just still sort of lost on the situation. I think i have to have a heart to heart with him and eventually see where he falls with all of this and then make a decision.

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    • True, somedays are so much better than others. He said he has been busy with work and everything when i aske dif he had off and he said no. He also takes a day to answer my texts. I can't get mad i know he's busy but in another sense it takes 2 seconds to just look at it. I give people benifit of the doubt lol

    • True your so right it takes a few seconds to look at a text and a few seconds to respond back. lol. Guy's like to respond late to texts. True maybe he can be super busy. At least he eventually responds back. He is lucky you even talk to him considering the circumstances.

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