How to tell ex is not fully ready to let you go yet?

How to tell that your ex bf/gf is not ready to fully let you go yet? Me and my ex broke up in April. Nothing was wrong with our relationship everything was great. He told me how amazing i was and we really had a connection, m but he went through some stressful time when he couldnt find a job so it really got to him and i think that played a role. He told me he was not feeling what he thought he should at our point but i still felt like we should have not broken up. Anyway we have been sleeping together ever since. He knows how i feel and at a point in August he said we should stop. That it was not fair to us but that wound up not happening and it kept goig back and forth a few times until now he doesn't say it. Sometimes he say comments to make it seems like he is jealous etc. and trying to find stuff out. Some nights if i dont answer a text he will call me but i feel that maybe alcohol played a role in that but still. In a way i feel like we are not completely over. How do i know if he's not ready to let me know in one way or another yet? Will i have a second chance one day? Should I tell him my feelings still although he knows?
How to tell ex is not fully ready to let you go yet?
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