Ex Girlfriend from 2 Years messaged me?

Its been 2 years now since we were just talking and we chilled and went on a few dates, until she things changed and started to say excuses to me 'always busy' a month went by i felt something was fishy but i didn't wanna say anything. I asked her friend at the time and she told me she was actually talking to another guy and ended up dating that guy for 2 years.. she had problems with him and treated her like crap.. and she started following me on Instagram again and she messaged me saying long time no talk and she started saying I'm sorry for everything how i made you feel and i know i screwed up and how she is stupid she left me for a ass hole and i was nice guy and she regret it it.. and she wants to talk face to face.. I dont know what to do.. She kinda cheated on me even though we weren't in an official relationship, but just her doing that caught me by surprise and wants to fix things with me...
She says she understands how Im having a hard time trusting her and she would feel the same..


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What Girls Said 1

  • Don't take her back. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Not for some people but you lose faith in that person. If you're still wary, your brain is telling you the right thing. I hate to be harsh but if her ex hadn't treated her bad, she might've never texted you back. Move on and live life and live it without a bad memory in it (her).


What Guys Said 1

  • IF you take her back, and that's a HUGE if, you do it entirely on your
    terms. If you want a blowjob at high noon on Main Street, she better
    do it. If you want sex 20 times a day. Same same. Make her come groveling
    back to you. Then dump her ass for someone hotter and who deserves you.


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