My ex is clearly keeping his options open, will I ever have a chance?

We've broke up because of his education, he wasn't able to sustain a relationship with me even if we had a lot of things in common. We have been together for a year and 2 months in a long distance relationship. I text him time to time, he generally acts kindly and he told me he is keeping my stuff safely but at the same time he seems to be really distant.


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  • Long distance won't work out. 99% chance. He is distant, because he is distant. That distance causes emotional distance, as well. It's important for people to be near each other in order to really work out. If pheromones exist, then that's one reason. Another is oxytocin; kissing and having sex and whatever other physical contact creates bonding chemicals to be released in the brain. Without those, you have very little attachment. Being long distance destroys relationships; it would strain the most secure relationships, let alone ones that are on their last legs.

  • Fuck no its over so get on with your life without him and stop being pathetic


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