Should we reintroduce "At fault divorces" back into most US States?

So in most states nowadays the only type of divorce you can get is a no fault divorce. Which means no matter what all assets are split down the middle 50/50(or at least that's what's supposed to happen since some assets are worth more than others). At fault divorces actually have good applications. Say the spouse that earns less cheats on the bread winner of the family. Modern no fault divorces that spouse that cheated would get half of their spouses stuff. How is that fair in the slightest? They single handedly destroyed the marriage and they're making off with more than what they came into the marriage with. With at fault divorces you don't have to split your stuff with the other person if you can show that they did something wrong like cheating.

However as it currently stands if the spouse that isn't the bread winner is a cheater they can still take half of the stuff the other spouse earned on their own if they get divorced.
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  • Hahah dude. You're so idealistic, it's cute.
    The problem is... Divorces are not adjudged by a Godlike figure with magically complete knowledge of absolutely everything in the two spouses' lives.
    Divorces are moderated by a judge, who is only modestly paid, is overworked, has an overloaded court docket, is fucking sick and tired of animosity in her/his courtroom, and has NO knowledge of the two parties WHATSOEVER... except what the lawyers put out there.

    You starting to see the problem now?

    The biggest problem with "fault" isn't morals. The biggest probelm is purely practical.
    The crux of the "fault" issue would rely on WHAT COULD BE *PROVED* IN A COURTROOM.

    I mean... Think about how hard it is to PROVE cheating, to any sort of legal standard.
    Tbh, the actual cheating itself would probably be about 10% of it. What IS cheating, anyway? Sex, right? Right. So how the fuck do you PROVE that two people are fucking, and not just having a friendship?
    The other 90% would be a combination of...
    ...30% being stupid enough to actually get caught
    ...30% being stupid enough to leave concrete EVIDENCE (sex tapes, explicit messages *that the other spouse will see*... etc)
    ...30% not having a slick enough lawyer.

    Also... Lol dude.
    If someone is going to cheat *and* file a divorce... That same someone is DEFINITELY going to be resourceful enough to try to FRAME the other spouse!
    Like duh...
    Basically, whoever sees the divorce coming *first* is going to start gathering a whole bunch of dirt on the other person. Enough to LOOK like "neglect", or enough to LOOK like infidelity is happening, or, hell, even enough to look like child abuse (if they know they'll need to play a card that outweighs their own cheating).

    So... yeah.
    You want a system that actually has just about nothing to do with cheating... and that REWARDS the BEST cheaters/liars/concealers of misconduct (and their lawyers)? Yeah, you do you boo.

    • Just wear a wire and start an argument with the spouse where they openly admit to it.

      Done and done.

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    • "Again... Women were taught "STFU deny deny deny" as *basic protocol*. Just like "don't talk to the cops"."

      Except for, you know, all the women that don't deny or eventually tell the truth once pressured enough. But in your bubble world I guess those women don't exist.

      Hell even on this site girls have said how they told their boyfriend they cheated and wanted advice to get him back. But I'm sure to you they were just trolling or whatever helps you invalidate the possibility that your assertion all women deny is in fact wrong.

      I can see you are not going to stop. You're stubborn I'll give you that. So you win. Whatever it is at this point that you're trying to prove. Fine it's the truth or whatever the hell you want to hear that will stroke your ego. It's yours.

    • "Hell even on this site girls have said how they told their boyfriend they cheated and wanted advice to get him back"

      ^^ The girls on this site are not living in an era where divorcées have 0 career prospects, very few romantic prospects, and are generally scorned by society. Nor are they married and facing an at-fault divorce that would cost them hundreds of thousands of long-term dollars, impoverish them, AND restrict their access to their children.

      So... yeah... not an analogy.

  • Although it is a good idea it is quite impractical.
    Even prenups are thrown out the wind in most cases.
    In this day and age the only thing a man can do to protect his assets and balls is to not get married.
    I think a good and honest woman would understand.
    Ps if your SO or wife is having a baby make sure to get a paternity test. That way you won't end up raising someone else's kid

  • It would be better and much more efficient to simply abolish marriage.

    • People can simply choose not to marry. People should be allowed to have the option. I'm simply trying to make marriage less corrupt.

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