I think I'm out of his league, but he treats me like I'm worthless?

I don't mean attractiveness, I mean personality-wise. I'm more of a kind and caring person, I volunteer with animals, I run my own successful business that I have worked on for years, I am an artist too, I have a lot of ambition and dreams, I'm educated. Sure I'm a little quirky & I have my flaws, but he has no job. He job hops and can't stay in one, he wants to be a rapper, but he never tries he just uses his friends who also want to be one to promote him, & in the kindest way possible he doesn't try to develop his 'skills' in that art so he isn't very good, he does drugs all the time, he can't fall asleep without weed and constantly gets high all day, he goes out most weekend & does cocaine, when he does do performances for his rapping he is usually drunk. He's not a very nice guy and he is very self absorbed, he cuts me off mid-sentence to change the topic back to something about him.

And nicely put, he's kind of embarrassing. He's loud and obnoxious, does things to get everybody to look at him, he talks like a walking rap song instead of using English & he rarely wears clean clothes. I know I sound awful and arrogant, I really don't mean to! I love him for who is he & I've never tried to change him, but he ditches me all the time for months, hurts me, has no remorse, he tells me 'I'm the best thing to happen to him, I'm out of his league (his friends also say it) & I've helped him so much in his career' but then out of nowhere he just begins to ignore me, we argue over it & he walks out. Then regrets it & comes back. We have the same interests, same sense of humour & despite our differences we had chemistry. I loved him when he's been broke, depressed (he's ALWAYS depressed... he puts a front on to act confident & happy, then takes his anger & unhappiness out on me.) helped him try to build his career. But he always chooses these girls on drugs or have a bad reputation for getting with everybody.

I feel bad for saying all of this but... what's wrong with me?


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  • He's a piece of shit.. vain and stupid

    You're a gem.
    You have what God put in your heart.. love, and kindness...
    F that loser
    Look for someone who ha s awesome qualities like u
    You deserve better
    No more losers
    Just nice guys
    Don't waste ur time
    On that slug
    God be with you.. you're beautiful?


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  • Don't feel bad It sounds like he has no respect for you to treat you like that all you have done is try to help him I don't think his lifestyle is helping too much having no job your sort of stuck in a bad place your too good for him and don't deserve you

    • Thank you! I've just tried so hard for 3 years and I never understand why he treats me this way! I hope he can't get me back one day he will regret it ): thank you for your opinion

    • Your welcome 😎

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