Have you ever wished you lived someone else's life?

Like...were you ever bored with your own life?

And if so who's life?

I would want Whitney Port's life! She has her dream job! And she's pretty.


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  • This may be owne to some colossal ego on my part, or maybe I've just always been to busy living life, but I've honestly never for a minute wanted to live anyone elses life. And don't sell youself short. Don't take this the wrong way, but based on pics alone, if I were 18 again and had a choice of going on a date with Whitney Port or you, I'd choose you. And sure she has a dream job, but who knows what lies ahead for you?

    • Haha right. I hope a lot of things come my way. The dream job, the dream house, and the dream boyfriend! haha but when does that ever happen. And thanks. <3

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    • All the rest is gravy! I love it. Thanks. I really hope so.

      You have SERIOUSLY made my day.

    • ; - )

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  • Yeah, the persons life I wish I had is someone I can't stand though. He went to high school with me, took my girlfriend from me. He is touring around in a band making a living playing music, has a ton of friends. :(

    • Awe. Don't worry. The best will come to you and I'm sure he'll get his part. :-D

What Girls Said 2

  • We all dream but often we wouldn't be happy with someone else's life. Media people--who knows what their life is really like? Judging by the divorces, scandals, being followed around by nosy reporters...it's not paradise

  • Oh, I don't think there really is one person who hasn't.

    I get jealous of people so easy and always wonder what it's like in someone Else's shoes.

    I also try to see from other people's perspectives on life to understand where there coming from,

    because everyone has a reason for being the way they are.

    But, in the mean time,

    enjoy you're own life.

    Because that's all you have,

    I've learned not to waste my time wondering what it would be like to be someone else and praising them,

    unless they are a role model.

    which is different.

    but otherwise,

    good luck. :)

    • Haha thanks. it was just a thought I had.

      but thanks I'll take that good luck...i probably need it.

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