Did she play games or?



I've met this girl like a month ago on the internet and we added each other on Whatsapp, Snapchat etc. Thing were going pretty good as we talked everyday and I wasn't the only one that iniated the conversation (Called almost everyday for hours). We even had cute nicknames for each other. She trusted me with stuff that she claims never have said to her friends/relatives. At this point I thought that she might like me and I wanted to tell her my feelings for her a few days later. Today while I was in class I noticed that she has blocked me on Whatsapp, Snapchat etc and I was really confused like what the heck did I do wrong or have I said something wrong that might have hurt ot annoyed her. After she blocked me I have let my close friend talk to her as I wanted an honest explaination for why she has blocked me so I don't need to worry about anything and move on. Her excuse was that her sister said that she isn't allowed to boys (totally understandle) yet her sister knows that I talk to her almost everyday she didn't say anything about it until now.. I knew something was up and found out that she was talking to other boys etc and I was the only one blocked. I really don't care anymore that she will be with someone else or something like that but the fact that she lied to me and sent me an excuse that my nephew (9 Years old) could type made me a bit mad because after all those things she trusted me with and she couldn't be honest with me.. I'm moving on as she blocked on almost everything so there is no way to contact her.

What do you guys think? Did I do something wrong or did I get played or used as entertainment?
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Did she play games or?
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