Is it bad thing that am still looking for closure from a break up that was 2 years ago?

Her parent's forced us apart then she turned on me 2 months later. Before dating we were kind of close friends and i known almost everything about her. I known i can't do anything to change what happened and i have accepted that. But i miss having her in my life even thorough we both have moved on and i known we may never spoke agin. And yes i habe spoken to my new girlfriend about this.


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  • your life seems good dont kill that relationship with closure... dont let it come back in

    • Don't let what come back in?

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    • maybe since she wasn't like the first one you are getting doubts... talk more to your girl friend and I think soon you'll find out if you love her

    • My current girlfriend is the 2rd girl i dated since my ex and i am man enough to admit the girl before her linda i for amd kept blaming my ex for it. Which was a mistake linda end up cheating on me, a kiss with linda felt like nothing nut a action. I habe spoke to my girlfriend gina we have argeed to wait 12 months which we got 7 left then talk about this agin if my feeling or still the same. I do love her n like her in a way more then a friend and my feeling are abit strong. But i felt had whem she once said i feel like u dont love me as much as i love you. Or not even close. I explan tonher she the first girl to move me since my ex and thatbi cared for her a lot n she has belive it me more then my ex did amd even when my relatiomshipnwith my ex was at it best that she still is better then my ex.

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  • Yes... move on... "closure" is some crybaby term that I never understood what it means.


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