What if I cannot get him over?

We had been together just for over one month.
He broke up with me because he thinks we are not compatible and don't have anything in common.
I didn't have enough time for me because of my school and work and I was exhausted from school.
During one week after break up, I was so depressed but I felt better and was happier during 2nd week. It is the 3rd week after break up, now. Now, I miss him so much.
I didn't know I was enjoying him so much!!! He said that I liked the fact that I had a boyfriend, not him.
But,,,, even though I don't feel lonely, I really wanna go see him... I miss him... I wanna hug him..
I got more self-esteem because of him and some guys are into me now.
But, even though I tried to meed other boys and talk to others, I just miss him more...
I miss everything with him... OMG...

I am not lonely, I want to make more friends, but I really really miss him so much...
How can I tell this feelings to my ex... I have not contacted him after break up because I want to
give him time and space...
What if I cannot get him over?
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