What are some things it took you awhile to realize about a past relationship or some lession you learned?

I have realized that i may always love my ex pauline and thats something i have no control over. I have realized what i do have control over is the choice to move on with my life and not look back or blame myself for what happened bewteen us. I have realize that even if her parents did force us apart and wound'nt had work out anyway. Me& my ex were just two diffent people with diffent values in life. While i loved her with all i had and accpeted her for who she was.
You just can't make it work with someone who idea of respecting their parents is doing what ever they say even at the cost of hurting themself. I think the greatest lession i learn for them is to never comprmise with unreasbale people or change who i am to make other happy. And that while parents play a big role in the person your dating life that you gotta known your dating your gf/nf not their family unless they allow it. What have you learned or realize? Pss i known i known my ex sounds like she 13-16 i hear it all the time yet she was 19 at the time. I have moved on i got a new girlfriend who makes me happy.. She may not have the crazy in love feeling with her like i did with my ex but its pretty freaking close.


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  • After being rebounded twice, with different people over the span of a few years, I've realized that sometimes the ones we have the most in common with aren't always the best people for us.

    You always gotta look at the big picture and the situation.

    • Wow u really learned a lot

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    • It hasn't been easy. I have dated TONS of women. It's like the girl could have no issues but just be boring, not because we don't share the same interests but because she doesn't initiate or do much to further the conversation. I tend to get bored.

      Then the two I got rebounded by, especially the most recent one, I had nearly everything in common while still having our differences, and we clicked in so many ways only for it to end poorly. It could be bad timing but the thing is when you date someone on the rebound, you could tell yourself don't get too attached, take it very slow, etc and even if you are cautious, you can't control who you like and have feelings for.

    • But yeah you're right. No amount of heartache and heartbreak is worth overlooking red flags, no matter how much you like the person and get along with them.

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