Help!! Friends with benefits with an ex?

Hi, so basically me and my ex have just spit up after a year of being together. There were no arguments throughout the relationship or after, the relationship ended due to him being so busy and I totally understand he's young and he hardly ever goes out or even to the pub with his mates due to all this working. He works riducolous hours and has just bought his own which he had done up and now rents out. We hardly got time to see eachother and so he broke it off, but now is saying that he still wants to have sex with me? our terms were that we would not sleep with anyone whilst sleeping with eachother. Does this means he still has feelings for me? And in the long run could this lead into another relationship?( he has said to me before that he does want to settle down its just a bit hectic at the moment)
Help!! Friends with benefits with an ex?
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