Why do people take the easy way out and dump by text?

Especially if you have been in a long term committed relationship. My boyfriend did this to me after 2 years together. its seriously the worst pain. no answers and worst of all everything seemed fine otherwise. i even asked him if he thought we were good , because he seemed a little down earlier that day. he said we were great and work was a little stressful. but then he dumps me without wanting to talk and he says he's really upset. i dont get it. and its been almost 3 weeks and still nothing. so heat broken.


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  • Dumping someone is terrifying and your emotions can conspire against you. Dumping them might be the best thing you'll ever do for yourself but when you're face to face with them and the tears or pleading start it gets that much harder to see it through.

    It doesn't make doing it by text any less cowardly, but that's why people do it.

    • It was all a lie too... he told me we were fine and he told me how much he loved me. All lies.

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  • Explain to me why one would bother taking the hardest method possible for any reason when it's completely unnecessary?

    That's like refusing to call someone and instead always running to their house across town on for just to tell them you're upset.

    • So are you saying that this is the new acceptable method of breaking up? Thats kinda shitty.

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    • No, but itd be easier to cope because id have understanding. But im left with just with questions.

    • You're romanticizing. If the same words transpired you'd have the sane or worse understanding.

  • Why do people do LDR'S?

    • This was not ldr.

    • I'm answering your question

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