Ex moved on quickly after we went NO CONTACT?

I was on and off with a guy for about 2 years. It is complicated, he had commitment issues (or I guess so I thought..) he messed up big time earlier this year when I found out he was talking to his ex and trying to reconcile with her. That was back in February. Ironicallly enough, he ghosted me for 4 months because I confronted him. 4 months goes by and he tried to text me and I ignored it. Then we run into eachother 2 months after original 4 months. We talk and have a friendly encounter then he starts texting me saying how he regrets everything and I was the best thing that hallenes to him and he begged for me to be in his life basiavlly. He apologized and said he missed me and blah blah... that was in August. We started falling back into he same patterns of texting in the morning and hanging out. We were "friends" so it was uncomfortable for me... I missed him too but I couldn't settle for being just friends for someone I still had feelings for.. he even said he still loved me.. so I was confused, maybe he said that bc I pushed off any idea for us to get back together. So 3 weeks ago I told him I didn't think it was a good idea to be friends (for me because I was hurt) and he said he understood and when I am ready to be friends to let him know. Even though it sucked to let him go, I felt it was right for me... but I got a rude awakening when I found out he was already on his 4th date with a girl (within 3 weeks of no contact).. the girl posted a picture on Facebook saying "out w the boyfriend" I am shocked and dumbfounded and so hurt that he had moved on so quickly. Is this a rebound or because it's online is it official? He has rebounded hard before, but 4 dates with a new girl, and a pic? I don't know what to think. Guys what is your take on it?
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Was he just lying to me saying he loved me and begging for me back, or is this maybe a way to ease his pain of losing me, which he also said he never wanted to lose. :( if you were dating a girl so quickly after losing "your best friend and someone you loved" could you actually be in a serious relationship?
Ex moved on quickly after we went NO CONTACT?
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