Did President Obama harm the Democratic Party?

Lost the House and the Senate for several terms, the Middle East is in turmoil, relations with Russia and China are tense, Health Insurance rates have doubled, race riots are common occurrences, terrorist attacks have become part of life, the debt has skyrocketed, wages stagnant, and the economy has been in the longest recession since the Great Depression. Is the Democratic party politically bankrupt?
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  • Democrats need a refresh for sure, they need someone strong, not a wuss. They need someone who isn't afraid to say it how it is.
    Obama is one of the reasons the country is so divided. You can't be a great leader if you let people step all over you.

    I don't think Obama was a bad president. He's not as bad as Republicans paint him, and not as good as Democrats say... but he wasn't strong. I've always said he's a wuss.


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  • The US economy has not been in recession for years, Obama didn't cause the Arab Spring, wages had been stagnant for a long time before Obama, more people have access to healthcare than ever, insurance premiums went up less than under Bush, race riots and terrorist attacks are minor events when you look at it objectively and they certainly weren't less common before, oh and when have relations with Russia and China ever been good? Plus he finally involved the US in the struggle against climate change.

    Obama failed on tough enough reform of the financial sector, infrastructure improvement, and curbing tuition rises and income inequality, but these aren't exactly areas where the republicans can be expected to do better, or even want to do better.

    • Arab spring WAS his policy. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. His red line in Syria was crossed and made us a joke. The pivot towards Asia failed. The "reset button" with Russia failed. Bush and Putin used to work together. The debt went from 11 trillion to 19 trillion in 8 years... it took 300 years for the debt to real 11 trillion, and that's counting the bail out. The insurance market is collapsing. More people on welfare is NOT a good thing. And the economy has been on the longest recession since the Great Depression. Plus inner city crime has exploded.

      So what's the good things can you list beside more people living on government aid?

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    • Definition, Recession: a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.

      I don't think the recession ever ended. The think the quantitative easing implemented by the
      Federal Reserve has distorted the market numbers. I think the White House has encouraged a mass manipulation of the market numbers.

      The Arab Spring WAS heavily influenced by President Obama's administration. The CIA, the Secretary of State (aka Hillary Clinton), all these people were on the ground, sending singles to Arab leaders, making public statements. It didn't happen in a bubble on CNN in your living room.

      You're so regressive. You keep talking about, "Oh, well, everyone else was crap too." Is that really your argument.

      I'm five years older than you, which sounds about right, I recall Bush and Putin have conversations in Kennebunkport, Maine.

    • I don't think the debt grow more in the Bush years. There was the bail out -- which we were paid back for with interest -- which was $3 trillion-ish. The debt went from $11 to $19 trillion in 8 years. This is because of the quantitative easing of $1.2 trillion this administration has been issuing in treasury bonds, then funneling the money into the economy.

      Innercity crime? Chicago has 1000 more shootings at this time than they did last year. 3,100 so far this year, this time last year about 2,100. That's a 30% increase in one year?

      Blaming people for getting fat isn't what has caused the health insurance industry to sky rocket. The restriction on evaluating medical preconditions is likely part of it.

      Another round. Sure. I like facts. I don't think your facts are right. I think you're partially right, but mostly wrong.

  • LOL how is this in Break Up and Divorce LOL

    • Because the Dems just broke up with their constituency?

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    • THe media, they are a bunch of idiots. I thought it was obvious what was going on. Though i think the onus is more on Clinton and the DNC than Obama by a longshot.

    • @Izumiblu I would say Obama lit the match but Hillary and the DNC brought the firewood and the gasoline.

  • yes, and that is a big reason why Trump won


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