Ex deleted me... stung a lot more than I thought it would?

So my ex and I broke up a few months ago. We’ve officially been no contact for a month now. A month ago he reached out to me and was like old times. I waited over a week to reach out to him and he just completely ignored me. We haven’t talked since. I made sure to block his texts and phone calls. For those of you who don’t have Snapchat you post something, it appears on your timeline as a thumbnail, people view it, and it shows you who has viewed your snaps.

Ok so on Snapchat I never looked at his snaps during our break up. He other hand did a lot, but eventually that came to a stop. The last time he looked was the last time he made contact. I saw that he posted something the day before Halloween (didn’t open it and look though). The next day was my friend’s birthday and I went out and posted things, then I was out with my friends the next day and posted things for Halloween (us out and dressed up), and then lastly on Sunday for my friend’s birthday lunch. After that I hadn’t posted anything for another 3 or 4 days (just the pretty foliage of that day). A lot of people post every day so I really don’t snap a lot.

Last week something told me to just go check. Lo and behold he deleted me, so he clearly did it between within that week time frame that I just mentioned above. He didn't delete my friend though. Although she hasn't used Snapchat in a few months so I just chalked it up to him forgetting about her...

I've been going out and trying to keep my mind off things and I know it’s social media but him deleting me stung A LOT. Like he just doesn’t care or that I annoy him. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m also just confused because I never looked at his stuff…
Ex deleted me... stung a lot more than I thought it would?
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