Is it weird to be depressed after breaking up a casual relationship?

I was casually dating a girl that is 2 years older than I am. From the very start we both knew that nothing serious is going to happen between us. I was fine with that. As we spent more time together, I got more fond of her and perhaps slightly attached without actually falling in love with her.
In the beginning of this week we broke it off because she wants to settle down and is looking for a much older guy than me. A guy who is stable and wants a family. I was cool with it as I expected it to happen sooner or later.
As easy as I took it, I can't help but be slightly depressed after all of this. I still remember the good time we had together and how great she was. Is there anything wrong with me? I am too weak or is this completely normal?
I wonder how she feels after all of this.


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  • Like you said you got a little attached and maybe use to her being around. Now she's not, whether you were serious or not sometimes we get used to people being there simple as that. It's not weird in my opinion.


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