Why is my man on anger rampage all the time?

When we first met it was great. He was never angry towards me. He was patient. And things were really exciting so I moved in with him. Almost a year later things have changed dramatically. One day he is nice and loving, and then the next few days he gets angry at every little thing. Even when I cry it doesn't move him to comfort me, he just gets angrier. Then out of the blue he is mister nice guy again, and I am confused. This pattern has been going on for a while and is starting to wear on me. I don't feel that he is necessarily loosing feelings for me, but he has no regard for my feelings, and I am constantly on edge waiting for the next blow up. What can I do or say to him to fix this?


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  • Move out.


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  • dont let him have all the emotional power, don't act like your scared of him. ask him wtf his problem is and tell him you're not his emotional punching bag. if he blows up at you again, stay at a friends/mom/hotel house for a few days. if he does it again move out for good.

    • Don't cry. OR seek comfort from him when he is being a d***.

      Simply respond, or walk away & give him no attention when he does that.

      You have no reason to respond to him as human being, when he is acting and treating you sub -human.

      Talk with him rationally when he is calm, & do not center it around him HURTING your feelings, center it around him being 'out control immature self-centered, disrespectful, & inappropriate'

      YOU are NOT the problem, So do not get in the habit of seeing it that way

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